Two looks, same clothes

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk with you about creating two different looks with the same item, just changing some complements or adding any piece of clothes.

The main piece is this overall, I love the color! Just perfect for this Xmas time ;) Anyway, the first option, is more fashionable, I think the hat is the key, because it gives to the outfit all the cool vibes, don’t you think so?

For the second outfit, more formal with an elegant touch, I added the coat and took off the hat. I usually think that “more is more” (hahah) but for this time I saw too much for the same look, so that’s the reason of this post!

I love the “challenge” of creating with the same items different looks, or just trying to combine this piece as much as possible, getting different and cool result :P

Does it happen to anyone too?



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