Three looks for the week

Today I want to share with you 3 ideas to create different looks for the week ;)


The first one is for a daily office outfit. So it’s a bit more formal but not boring.

For this kind of look I always prefer to use basic trousers and shirts, and give a different touch with an oversized jumper and bold complements, the shoes in this case.


The next one, is perfect for an after work or friday night, if you like to go out and have some dinner or drinks with friends.

 For this one I’ve mixed some winter trends: high boots, the vynil beret and the main item: this nice checked mini skirt!

For the weekend, we usually love more relaxed and comfortable outfits. So I propose you a pair of mom fit jeans, converse and a this cute jumper! The color and the tassels make it unique! Don’t you think you so?

Hope you like the post and find some inspirational ideas for your new week! :)

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