Two looks, same clothes

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk with you about creating two different looks with the same item, just changing some complements or adding any piece of clothes.

The main piece is this overall, I love the color! Just perfect for this Xmas time ;) Anyway, the first option, is more fashionable, I think the hat is the key, because it gives to the outfit all the cool vibes, don’t you think so?

For the second outfit, more formal with an elegant touch, I added the coat and took off the hat. I usually think that “more is more” (hahah) but for this time I saw too much for the same look, so that’s the reason of this post!

I love the “challenge” of creating with the same items different looks, or just trying to combine this piece as much as possible, getting different and cool result :P

Does it happen to anyone too?



Styles ideas for the week

[In collaboration with SheInside]

Three  looks for the week. As in the last post, I want to share with you 3 looks that are totally different in style.

The first one,  is perfect for all who loves cozy jumpers and pearls. Great mix for this winter!

For those who loves  lady style, and couldn’t resist to wear dress even in winter. This one is so original for its shape and print. We could say it’s the perfect 24h dress ;)

In the opposite side, this sporty and sweet look. I specially love wearing sporty items in sweet and cozy colors. Such a balanced mix!


Hope you like the post and finde nice ideas!



Three looks for the week

Today I want to share with you 3 ideas to create different looks for the week ;)


The first one is for a daily office outfit. So it’s a bit more formal but not boring.

For this kind of look I always prefer to use basic trousers and shirts, and give a different touch with an oversized jumper and bold complements, the shoes in this case.


The next one, is perfect for an after work or friday night, if you like to go out and have some dinner or drinks with friends.

 For this one I’ve mixed some winter trends: high boots, the vynil beret and the main item: this nice checked mini skirt!

For the weekend, we usually love more relaxed and comfortable outfits. So I propose you a pair of mom fit jeans, converse and a this cute jumper! The color and the tassels make it unique! Don’t you think you so?

Hope you like the post and find some inspirational ideas for your new week! :)



Mango trench | Zara top+ pants | Zara shoes | Uterqüe clutch 


Son ya varias temporadas, las que se deja ver el metalizado en la pasarela, y la frase de “no tengas miedo a brillar durante el día”. Pero en esta temporada, Gucci ha marcado un antes y un después con este tipo de tejidos, concretamente en las faldas plisadas, con su desfile de primavera/ verano 2016.

Y la verdad es que no me he podido resistir a este trench metálico, que me pareció una pieza bastante original y diferente para mi armario (tu me entiendes, cuando es amor a primera vista, se sabe!).

Además, igual suena un poco fantasioso, pero en cuanto lo vi me recordó a la serie de Sexo en Nueva York, y ese estilo neoyorquino sofisticado pero con toque informal. Creo que fue ese lazo emocional, y mis recuerdos de mi visita a Nueva York los que me hicieron comprarlo con la excusa de que, cada vez que lo llevase, volvería a teletransportarme a la gran manzana.

¡Oh New York, New York!♥

“Don’t be afraid of shining”. This probably  has been the most repeated quote during the last seasons. But this summer, Gucci has marked the definitive point with this kind of fabrics, specially with its pleated skirts.

And being honest, I couldn’t resist to this metallic trench. An original and different piece for my wardrobe.

The first time I saw it, I don’t know why, but I thought immediately in the serie Sex and the city, and that sophisticated and informal new yorker style. I though that was that emotional moment, remembering my trip to New York, which made me bought it with the excuse of, every time I wore it, I’d transport to the big apple (L).

Oh New York, New York!♥

Five reasons why you’ll love mules

1.Here | 2.Here | 3.Here | 4.Here | 5.Here | 6.Here 

It was two years ago, when I saw and tried for the first time, which were, the new fashion shoes: Mules sandals. I don’t know if it was because they were a different shoe or just their esthetic, but it was love at the first sight. I was completely sure that I need a pair of them on my wardrobe.

And of course, I would recommend them for everyone who was thinking in renovate its shoe-rack.

So if you are not convinced at all, on today post you will find 5 reason why you’ll love mules (and you’ll want to have ones now!).

1-Versatility. Think it twice, you can wear them to work, to go out or just for having a relaxed walk… They’re multitasking shoes!

2- Comfort. Say goodbye to keep balance on your stilettos, welcome to the comfort with wide heel of the mules.

3- Style. For its shape is a shoe that stylizes the feet. Although the heel isn’t too high, that extra high stylizes your figure too.

4- They have that je ne sais quoi, that became them into the it shoes. 

5- Variety. You will find them in thousands of designs, so it will be easy get your mules. 

What do you think, do you join to the club? ;)

Recuerdo hace 2 años, cuando estaba de tiendas con mi hermana, y me probé por primera vez el que era, nuevo zapato de la temporada: los mules.

No sé si sería porque eran novedosos o simplemente por su estética, pero desde el momento cero, me pareció un zapato muy top que tenía que formar parte de mi armario sí o sí. Y que recomendaría a cualquier persona que este pensando en renovar su calzado para este verano.

Así que, si aún no estás del todo convencida, en el post de hoy, podrás encontrar 5 razones por las que amarás los zapatos mules (y querrás tener unos, ya!):

1- Versatilidad, piénsalo  bien, puedes ponerte los mismos mules para ir al trabajo, para salir a cenar, de fiesta o pasear…Son un zapato todoterreno.

2-Comodidad. Despídete del equilibrismo y los tacones de aguja, abraza la comodidad con el tacón ancho (y estable) de los mules.

3- Estilo. Por su forma es un zapato que estiliza el pie, y aunque tenga poco tacón, esa altura extra, estiliza la figura.

4-Tienen ese Je ne sais quoi, que los convierten en it shoes. 

5-Variedad. Los encontrarás de mil diseños diferentes, te será fácil encontrar tus mules.

¿Qué me dices, te unes al club? ;)